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'Mind the GAP' provides innovative, engaging, arts based development education; performances, workshops and residencies to schools, youth organisations, events throughout Cork and nationwide.

Currently focusing on promotion of the new UN Global Goals 2030 and championing the protection of Human Rights in the face of the worst refugee crisis since the 2nd World War.

'Mind the GAP' currently receives project funding from: Worldwise Schools, Irish Aid and Trocaire. We also collaborate with organisations such as: Green Schools, Fairtrade Ireland. school networks and Youthreach centres.

NEW for Sept 2016/17: Fully funded school visits, please contact us...

Worldwise Schools funded sessions focused on promoting the UN Global Goals 2030 avaiable to 2nd level schools and Youthreach centres.

Trocaire funded school visits for National Schools in Cork. Creative sessions utilizing Trocaire's storybook resource 'Farid's rickshaw ride'.

Irish Aid funded visits to National Schools that are going for the 'Global Citizenship' Green Flag award.

CPD training opportunties at CESC and WCEC. 

To see if you qualify for a funded visit contact us:

  • Arran, Isham & Ram
  • Conference
  • Conference
  • Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade
  • Indian Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • Indian Dress
  • Indian Performance Group
  • Indian Puppet Show
  • Indian Puppet Show
  • Kenyan Acrobatic Class
  • Kenyan Acrobatic Class
  • Kenyan Dance Class
  • Kenyan Human Pyramids
  • Kenyan School Show
  • Kenyan School Show
  • Limbo Class
  • Pupil's Art
  • Pupil's Art
  • Pupil's Art
  • Pupil's Performance
  • Pupil's Laughter
  • Rangoli Art Class
  • Turban Tying Class

Mind the GAP use performance and visual arts with which to approach exploration of complex issues such as;

  • Poverty
  • Globalisation
  • International aid
  • Refugees
  • Inter-culturalism
  • Equality
  • Sustainability
  • Citizenship

These issues are dealt with through celebration of, and immersion in, arts from different cultures, facilitated by culturally relevant artists.

Our sessions are interactive, experiential and encourage co-operation and self-esteem.

We can come to a school for a one off visit, in which the whole school can partake. Or run residencies of weekly visits, working with a number of classes.

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Examples of feedback from participating schools/organisations:

"Praise where it’s due as you and your team have consistently provided young people of all ages (including grown-ups and teachers) with an interactive and enjoyable experience of development education. Quality shines through in the beaming smiles of your audiences, who become totally absorbed in your storytelling." Project officer Trocaire.

"Intergrated well with features of SESE, SPHE, and Drama curriculum. Thorughly enjoyed by the  pupils."

"Expectations were more than met! Drama/costumes/resources were excellent. The children gained so much from the project; parents commented on how wonderful it was also."

"A fantastic experience for pupils and teacher alike. Fitted in well with - english, geography, history, science, even religion/cultural studies. Also drama and PE/gym. It was wonderful to see the children come to a deeper understanding of global issues through drama and physical education, much more beneficial than lectures, book work and reading."

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