Development Education Workshops

For schools, youth organisations & family events

Currently we can offer three different programmes of fully funded workshops;

Introductory sessions on the UN Global Goals 2030 focusing on championing Human Rights, combating Islamophobia and reponding to the global refugee crisis. Available to 2nd level (Junior Cycle and  TY. Also offered to Youthreach).

Exploring globalisation and interdependency through Trocaire's storybook 'Farid's Rickshaw ride.' Interactive and drama based sessions. Available to national schools in Cork.

Global Justice themed performances and workshops available for schools working on their Green Flag for 'Global Citizenship'.

Description and costs of stand alone visits on offer (can be tailored to class/year group);

Classroom based discussion sessions:

'Fearing Islam'; All questions about; muslims and Islam addressed. Facilitated by a Somalian womens right activist and political refugee. Who is also a mother of two young girls growing up in Ireland today.

'Refugee's rucksack'; exploring the reasons and realitiies behind why people are fleeing their homes and risking everything to enter Europe.

'Everyday activism'; exploring how our life choices shape the world and how we can choose to change the world.

'Flag waving'; exploring the relevance of nationalism, independence, multi-nationals and the balance of power.

  'Smart apps'; What is smart about new technologies and social media? What about e-waste and conflict minerals

Performance/sculpture/storytelling and workshop packages:

Traditional Indian puppet show (+ live Skype link to Indian Magician Ishamudin in Delhi!)

45min Indian string puppet show, which is suitable for all ages and can be performed to 100+

After the performance, smaller groups are facititated in a discussion of what life in an Indian slum is like. Photos of the traditional artist families who make the puppets featured in the show, graphically depict the hardships faced by families forced to live in the sprawling slums of Indian cities.

Participants explore issues of: globalisation, urdanisation, poverty and access to education.

Participants learn techniques used in India for income generation which allows children to stay in education which include making recycled newspaper bags.

An option through an internet link and interactive whiteboard is a live Skype show/conversation with Indian magician Ishamudin in Delhi!

Cost = €150

Ali’s acrobatic journey from Kenya to Ireland:

An issue based performance showcasing East African acrobatics. The theme of the show is the Millennium Development Goal of access to education.

A class can have an acrobatic lesson/s from Kenyan acrobat; Ali Mswabi. The class can be facilitated to create and perform their own acrobatic issue based theatre piece, previous performances have focused on economic migration and access to clean water.

Groups learn about many aspects of Kenya: safari, Swahili, Maasi tribes, the world leading Mpesa mobile money system and traditional dances.

Interviewing Ali Mswabi is a unque creative writing opportunity and makes a great article in the school newletter!

Cost = €175

Fairtrade performances: 'It's not fair!', 'Dirty Laundry' and 'Tutti Fruitti'

Interactive, engaging and entertaining presentations focusing either on the tea industry, the fashion industry or fruit and veg' supply.

All shows have been developed to tour schools during the annual 'Fairtrade Fortnight' event every Feb/Mar.

Experiential classroom sessions exploring the issue of ‘Aid vs Trade’ and the Fairtrade movement.

Additional sessions can include instruction in Bollywood dance, with costume. Also art work inspired by the Fairtrade logo and colours.

Cost = €175

Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe: universal themes of childhood and family.

Inspired by traditional Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe, participants are facilitated to create individual and group pieces in clay. Themes explored are; childhood, family, emmigration and globlisation. Session/s also include drama exercises. Previous groups have used themes of 'conflict minerials', interdependance and Fairtrade to inspire class/group sculptures.

The series of workshops can conclude with an exhibition of the scultpures created.

Cost = €150

'Tinga tinga' art from Tanzania: nature conservation and traditional storytelling.

The fun and colourful artform of Tinga tinga from Tanzania, made popular through the childrens CBeebies TV programme; 'Tinga tinga; tales from Africa.' is a vibrant way to view East Africa, its people and the famous 'safari' wildlife and explore the links between poverty and the pressures on endangered species. Participants create art pieces inspired by the techniques and artform created by Edward Tingatinga, which is now a vibrant contempory medium in Tanzania and Kenya.

Participants are told traditional stories from the region and encouraged to create their own and tell them to others.

Cost = €150


NEW! A chance to runaway (from home or school) and join the circus! Learn circus skills from experienced performers/tutors, while learning about the humanitarian movement of 'social circus'. Inspiring examples from Belfast, Palestine and Kathmandu of circus's working for young people in conflict zones, refugee camps and resuced from trafficing. Discover the surprisingly effective work of Clowns Without Borders, whose motto is 'no child without a smile.'

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