Feedback received for our performances & workshops

"All of the pupils and staff of the school enjoyed the show. The workshop that followed was great as it allowed the children to further explore concepts in a relaxed and fun way. We all have something to think about...." school principal.

"Praise where it’s due as you and your team have consistently provided young people of all ages (including grown-ups and teachers) with an interactive and enjoyable experience of development education. Quality shines through in the beaming smiles of your audiences, who become totally absorbed in your storytelling." Project officer Trocaire.

"Integrated well with features of SESE, SPHE, and Drama curriculum. Thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils."

"Very dynamic, colourful presentation. Very good learning experience, the inherent message in the presentation came across excellently."

"Expectations were more than met! Drama/costumes/resources were excellent. The children gained so much from the project; parents commented on how wonderful it was also."

"A fantastic experience for pupils and teacher alike. Fitted in well with – english, geography, history, science, even religion/cultural studies. Also drama and PE/Gym…It was wonderful to see the children come to a deeper understanding of global issues through drama and physical education, much more beneficial than lectures, book work and reading."

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